Our Solutions

At Greenrock Research, we recognize the unique investment philosophies and client preferences of each Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). That's why we take a customized approach, developing solutions specifically tailored to your distinct needs. Our goal is to empower you to differentiate your practice and deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Customized Investment Solutions

At Greenrock Research, we prioritize developing tailored investment approaches that meet your clients' needs while maintaining a fair and reasonable cost structure. Our goal is to empower you to deliver exceptional value to your clients by providing customized solutions that align with their unique requirements. Trust us to create investment strategies that strike the right balance between client objectives and cost efficiency, ensuring your practice thrives with integrity and fairness.

Why Greenrock Research

At Greenrock Research, our partnership with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) is built on collaboration and a shared commitment to achieving investment success. We work closely with RIAs, leveraging our in-depth research, strategic analysis, and tailored investment solutions to drive their business forward.

Reduced Minimums

Enjoy lower minimum investment requirements with Greenrock Research, allowing greater accessibility and flexibility for RIAs and their clients.

Reduced Manager Fees

Benefit from lower manager fees with Greenrock Research, enabling RIAs to optimize costs and enhance investment returns for their clients.

Exclusive Manager Access

Gain exclusive access to a select group of top-tier investment managers, unlocking unique investment opportunities and strategies for RIAs and their clients.

Transparent Pricing

Experience transparency in pricing with Greenrock, ensuring clarity and fairness in our fee structure as we strive to deliver value and build long-term partnerships.

Fee Pass Through

Greenrock Research enables RIAs to seamlessly pass through our fees to their clients, ensuring transparency and aligning our interests with the success of our partners and their clients.

Trading Services

Greenrock offers RIAs comprehensive trading services, providing the capability to efficiently execute trades, enhancing operational efficiency and supporting your investment strategies.

Partnership with Greenrock

Enhancing Client Relationships

We prioritize the enhancement of your client relationships, respecting and understanding their importance. Our flexible service model allows for various approaches to handle our affiliation, putting you in control of how we integrate with your clients to ensure seamless collaboration and strengthened client trust.

Co-Branding Strategy

Leveraging Greenrock's Expertise

Greenrock offers a co-branding strategy, allowing you to position our role as a trusted outsourced CIO, leveraging our credibility and specialized capabilities in researching and analyzing investment options. By co-branding with Greenrock, you demonstrate an additional level of objectivity in the investment selection process, presenting your business as larger and more expansive. Furthermore, our partnership eliminates continuity risks and concerns associated with key personnel departures, ensuring a seamless and reliable investment experience for your clients.

Private Label Strategy

Seamlessly Integrated Partnership

Greenrock offers a private label strategy designed to seamlessly integrate our role into your business, presenting your firm as a single entity from a client perspective. With our private label representation, you can maintain brand consistency and strengthen your market position while benefiting from our specialized expertise and support behind the scenes. By leveraging our capabilities and resources under your private label, you can enhance the client experience, provide a comprehensive suite of investment solutions, and eliminate any perception of a separate entity. 

Investment Opportunities

How We Think

At Greenrock Research, we take a distinct and innovative approach to crafting investment solutions. We believe that true differentiation lies in thinking beyond conventional strategies and embracing creativity to solve complex investment problems. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a forward-thinking mindset to the table, constantly seeking to uncover new opportunities and challenge traditional paradigms.

By combining in-depth research, strategic analysis, and ongoing collaboration, we deliver investment solutions that are tailored, dynamic, and designed to achieve competitive returns, minimize volatility, and optimize tax efficiency. With our differentiated thinking, we empower our clients to navigate the ever-evolving investment landscape with confidence and capture new avenues of growth.

Leveraging Stability and Opportunity in Global and Alternative Fixed Income

We harness the stability and cash flow potential of global fixed income investments while exploring the opportunities presented by alternative fixed income. Our investment approach focuses on total return strategies, aiming to generate attractive yields that outperform traditional fixed income benchmarks. We are dedicated to providing our clients with diversified sources of income and delivering enhanced risk-adjusted returns through our expertise in global and alternative fixed income investments.

Unlocking Potential with Global Core Equities

We recognize the long-term growth potential and contribution to cash flow/income that global core equities offer. Our investment approach focuses on selecting companies with dividends that are 50% to 100% greater than their respective index, combined with robust dividend growth. We believe in diversifying geographically, by sector, and market cap, while maintaining high active share and low turnover. Our goal is to provide our clients with a well-rounded and high-conviction portfolio that delivers long-term growth and income while minimizing costs and enhancing risk-adjusted returns.

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Unleashing Potential with Liquid Alternatives

We offer liquid alternatives as an outcome-based solution that provides overall portfolio stability. Liquid alternatives provide a return pattern that is distinct from traditional stocks and bonds, offering diversification benefits. With lower volatility than equities yet higher than fixed income, liquid alternatives serve as an ideal complement to fixed income allocations, acting as a bond surrogate to enhance risk-adjusted returns and further diversify investment portfolios.

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Unleashing the Potential of Disruptive Technology Investments

We recognize the importance of disruptive technology as a growth allocation in one's portfolio, even for conservative investors. We anticipate substantially higher expected returns compared to the S&P 500 over the next 10-15 years. Our approach involves building a diversified global portfolio across multiple platforms and various technologies, guided by a long-term perspective, lower turnover, and high active share. With the volatility inherent in disruptive technology, we identify opportunities for different entry points, enabling our clients to capitalize on potential growth while managing risk effectively.

Uncovering Opportunities in Specialty Investments

We have a deep understanding of and actively pursue opportunities in specialty investments. These include temporarily undervalued asset classes and opportunistic private or illiquid investment opportunities. By incorporating these unique investments, we aim to enhance overall portfolio returns and/or generate high levels of cash flow. Our strategy focuses on identifying unusual entry points that complement the overall portfolio and provide additional value for our clients. Embrace the potential of specialty investments with Greenrock Research as your trusted partner.

Reinventing Research

You’ll notice the Greenrock difference from the initial conversation — because we focus on your needs first. And we never stop.