Who We Serve

Greenrock Research exclusively serves Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) as their trusted outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO). Our institutional-caliber investment research and portfolio management are specifically designed to empower RIAs in serving their clients. Trust us as your strategic partner for customized solutions that align with your unique needs and fiduciary responsibilities.

Fiduciary Excellence: Our Commitment

At Greenrock Research, our unwavering commitment is to exclusively serve Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) as their trusted outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO). Since 1996, our goal has been to deliver institutional-caliber investment research and portfolio management to the RIA community. With a deep understanding of the fiduciary relationship between RIAs and their clients, we prioritize acting in their best interest. Managing combined assets in the billions, we recognize the unique needs of each RIA and collaborate closely to develop tailored investment solutions. By focusing solely on serving RIAs, we eliminate conflicts of interest and maintain the highest level of integrity in our partnerships.

Collaborative Solutions for Success

At Greenrock Research, our partnership with Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) is built on collaboration and a shared commitment to achieving investment success. We work closely with RIAs, leveraging our in-depth research, strategic analysis, and tailored investment solutions to drive their business forward.

Collaborative Discovery

Our journey begins with a collaborative discovery process, where we engage with RIAs to understand their unique vision and investment objectives. By actively listening and valuing their expertise, we ensure that our solutions align with their goals and client base.

Research-Driven Insights

Backed by extensive research and analysis, we provide RIAs with actionable insights and recommendations. Our rigorous research process combines fundamental analysis, quantitative modeling, and qualitative assessment to identify investment opportunities and manage risks effectively.

Customized Investment Strategies

Through ongoing collaboration, we develop customized investment strategies that reflect the unique needs and values of each RIA and their clients. We prioritize tailoring solutions that align with their goals, risk tolerance, and desired outcomes.

Implementation and Monitoring

Working hand-in-hand with RIAs, we assist in implementing the chosen investment strategies. We carefully monitor portfolios, track performance, and evaluate results, making necessary adjustments to optimize returns and adapt to changing market conditions.

Transparent Communication

Open and transparent communication is a hallmark of our partnership with RIAs. We provide regular updates, performance reports, and insightful analysis to ensure that RIAs remain informed and confident in their investment decisions. Our collaborative approach fosters trust and enables RIAs to effectively communicate the value of their investment strategies to their clients.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

We understand that the investment landscape evolves, requiring continuous evaluation and optimization. Our dedicated team of professionals remains committed to supporting RIAs throughout their journey. We conduct periodic reviews to assess performance, identify opportunities for optimization, and adapt strategies to align with evolving market dynamics.

Reinventing Research

You’ll notice the Greenrock difference from the initial conversation — because we focus on your needs first. And we never stop.